Location: London, England


I love technology. As a highly logical and analytical person it just resonates with me. I become fascinated by it from a younge age and I have spent over 20 years learning about it and working with it. As a result, it's something which just comes naturally to me.

I'm a system administrator, network engineer, and computer technician. I am highly experienced in Linux and Windows system administration; enterprise network design; network engineering and configuration; systems analysis and integration; network security; user configuration and management; and hardware maintenance.

I love learning the details and mechanics of various technologies, and new technologies are a chance for me to learn something new and exciting. I relish the opportunity to be exposed to as much information about computers and technology as possible.

I'm extremely passionate about Linux. I started working with it around the age of 15 and immediately became captivated by it. For me, the Unix philosophy is a way of life. Bringing small, efficient components together to achieve a more complex objective encompasses not only the operating system but the community as well.

As an individual I'm an extremely driven person. I hate inefficiency and I'm always looking for ways to improve existing systems and practises. In my personal life I'm constantly reading technical books and playing with technology in order to continue improving my knowledge and skills.